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Organized by the Building Information Centre (YEM) for supporting new products, technologies and ideas in the field of building materials, the 25th Golden Plumb “Building Material Award” and Golden Plumb “Idea Award” have initiated the application period.

The best product and idea of the year in the Turkish building industry will be determined this year by the 25th Golden Plumb “Building Material and Idea Award”, which has been organized by the Building Information Centre since 1991 for the past 49 years, serving as the “Information Centre of the Building World”. The award program aims to contribute to the development of the industry by supporting new technologies, products and ideas in the field of building materials.

Aiming to underline the importance of encouraging the projects and ideas in the industry along with the “Golden Plumb Idea Award” that was included in the award program last year, Golden Plumb’s conditions of participation once again does not require “the condition of use in buildings” this year, in order to evaluate unique ideas and products which create projects, contribute to the building industry; feature improvable, innovative and sustainable qualities and encourage them to be reintroduced to the industry.

As for the Golden Plumb Building Material Award, the products to be nominated by all the building material manufacturers operating in the Turkish building industry, must primarily be included in and contribute to the structure after being implemented. Following this condition, the products will be evaluated according to the criteria of rationality and energy savings in the production, implementation and usage processes, the elimination of harmful aspects to the environment and health, and the use of domestic resources in production.

The companies that will nominate their products for the award, must submit the documents specifying the technical qualifications of the products, the file containing the product descriptions and the sample of the product together with the Golden Plumb application form to the Building Information Centre until 17:00 on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.


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